Welcome to the official website of Vismaya water theme park. One of the best amusement parks inIndia. Spread across 30 acres, it is filled with thrilling rides and water sports. A treat for both children and adults of all age groups. Come and enjoy a fun filled day with your family and friends.

  • Try this water trial for a real adventure of sliding. This whirling ride through the tube jumping right brings you right to the ultimate splash of joy and fun.

  • You can’t get enough of this joy ride in any water parks across the world. Even the seconds you feel in zero gravity will raise your adrenaline when you turn upside down with the same gravity pulling you down.

  • Drop your worries back at the water park entrance; let your hair free and enjoy the upland train voyage on the colourful fish rides; an equally fun ride for both grown ups and children.

  • The choice of animal ride for your kiddies seems unending at the park. The Jumping frog keeps the kids at toes and the glee on their face shows how much they are enjoying the bouncing ride.

  • This ride is the stomach swirling experience when you are lifted up in the air and spun around weightless. If your imagination runs wild you will find yourself trapped in the arms of a giant spider.

  • This ride is for anyone who wants to drive but for fear of crash stay from the streets. The bumper car lets you enjoy you ride with a real fun game where crashing on your co-driver is the ultimate thrill.

  • Be amused by the laser beams flashing across the spring at Vismaya Water Theme Park . The 'wow' factor will keep you glued throughout the laser show. It makes it next to impossible to get distracted!!!

  • Feel the thrill of the waves splashing over you just like surfing at this water park. Enter the wave pool and enjoy the fight off the wave over you just in time to overpower them.